Problem Gambling Advice


Gambling is an exciting form of entertainment that can be experienced in an innovative environments with Fanto. Fanto is a remote gambling operator who specialises on pool betting. Whilst, for most customers, gambling is an enjoyable leisure activity, for a very small number there can be problems and gambling can cease to be fun. At Fanto we have a robust and committed culture of encouraging a socially responsible attitude towards all of our products. We are focussed on providing an atmosphere to educate all customers on methods of maintaining an enjoyable service.


If you feel you may need seek assistance with gambling habits Fanto is committed to offering viable solutions.

Fanto has the option to self-exclude and also manage both loss and deposit levels. In order to access either of these options log into your account and then click on the player-protection link found in the footer of every page, or alternatively once you are logged, click on My Account and then player-protection.

If you decide to self-exclude you will be prohibited from utilising the site for a minimum of 6 months.

Once the six months has expired you are required to contact Fanto to request the account be reinstated. All details to request lifting of the block will be found in the email which is provided upon your self-exclusion, or contact If you do not make contact with Fanto your account shall remain locked. Fanto will ask you to consider extending the self-exclusion and will only accept customers back into the website when we are convinced you are in full control of your actions.

Fanto also offers the customer the ability to self-exclude up to 5 years if you would like a longer time to assess any habits.

Whilst the account is blocked no funds can be withdrawn via the website.

If you want to manage your loss limits you can set a limit which if exceeded blocks your access to participating until the selected time period has elapsed. So if you set a £20 weekly loss limit, if you lose more than £20 your participation will be blocked for a week. If you decided to make more stringent changes to your account, i.e. make a weekly loss limit a daily loss limit, the changes will take effect immediately. Alternatively, if you want to make the limit less restrictive Fanto implements a 7 day cooling period where it takes 7 days before becoming active. The deposit limits is also set up on the same process.

If you feel you need additional support beyond preventing access to the website we would like to direct you to firms which have expertise in supporting concerns. Please click on the GamCare or when the Fun stops in the footer at the bottom of the website to view the websites.

Fanto strongly advises that you extend any action which is designed to help any gambling habits to all gambling services you operate with.

If you feel like you would like to determine if any gambling habits are becoming a problem for you Fanto would like to invite you to complete the following questions: -

Fanto has been connected to in order to help prevent the underage from accessing the website.